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The Music Ministry of
Michael James Facciani

Michael's mission is to utilize his God-gifted vocal talent to uplift, encourage, refresh, and inspire audiences. 

He has a very special love and affection for "senior saints" that are melted by his singing style and connects with them in a powerful way. While many believe seniors are on a "cruise control" life of faith, Michael knows that many seniors are hurting and in need of an extra dose of love and encouragement.

A key component in Michael's music program is a strong challenge to continue seeking God for His guidance in using our gifts and talents, regardless of age.

Although it is always a blessing to sing in larger churches, Michael feels a strong calling to visit smaller churches to touch and bless. 
In addition, the ministry of exhortation to local pastors is close to Michael's heart.

Feel free to explore the "References" tab for comments Michael receives while on the road.