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The Music Ministry of
Michael James Facciani

Comments from the road..........

Son, that was a ""dad gum" great song you sang this morning!  
Legendary Coach Bobby Bowden

I have never seen so many men weeping in our church...ever!
Fayette, AL

If we could hear the psalmist, David, I believe he would sound like Mike!

Tonight, you made me thankful that I'm still alive!

I’ve heard “How Great Thou Art” and have sung “How Great Thou Art” for over 50 years,
and I’ve NEVER heard it sung like that! 
(Retired professional singer)

I’ve lived in the Southeast my entire life and have heard every Gospel act there is,
and Mike is right at the top!

If I had false teeth, they would have flown out of my mouth as Mike began to sing!

I had no more tears left to cry. 
(93 year old man)

My Italian friend, Michael Facciani, is the “Rocky Balboa” of Christian singers!
(Pastor Ron Lentine, Myrtle Grove Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL)

I haven’t cried a tear in 30 years…until tonight. 
(Retired man)

Broadway has missed its best talent!

I convinced a friend to come and warned her to be ready. When Mike began to sing, 
I watched her jaw drop!

That was the most amazing rendition of “It Is Well” that I have ever heard!

I don't know what I was expecting, but when Mike got up to sing, it wasn't that!

Mike sounded like he was 15 feet tall!! 

I just wanted to personally thank you again for coming to Regency Retirement Village in Huntsville, AL. Our residents are not impressed easily, but they were all telling me how amazing you were. I believe they said you were not just entertaining...you were anointed. There is a huge difference. They felt it! It could have been the first time some of them have been around such an anointed musician.
(Belinda Talley, Activities Director, Regency Retirement Center, Huntsville, AL)

It is my honor and privilege to recommend to you my friend, 
Mike Facciani.I can truly say that throughout my nearly 30 years of pastoral ministry, that I have never witnessed a more gifted and dynamic music evangelist than Mike. God's anointing is all over this man! I told our folks at Myrtle Grove Baptist that Mike is the 
"Rocky Balboa" of Christian singers. His voice packs a real spiritual punch that your people will enjoy. Use this man in your church/ministry. You will not regret it.

Pastor Ron Lentine 
Myrtle Grove Baptist Church Pensacola, FL
I am honored to come to you on behalf of a wonderful man of God, Brother Michael Facciani. I invited Michael to my church after meeting and hearing him at our pastor's conference. I am pleased to say that he was very well prepared and most efficient with the time given.  My congregation applauded all during the service and he received a standing ovation at the end. I would highly recommend that you might use him in your service. I know you will be blessed as God uses this man in a mighty way.

Pastor Larry Harkness
Sand Springs Baptist Church Fayette, AL 
Director Church & Community Ministries, Walker Baptist Association
It is a blessing to recommend to you my long-time friend, Mike Facciani. Mike has worked with me to help promote Strength Team crusades in his home church as well as churches across the country. 
When traveling together, I would ask him to share his voice with our audiences during our crusades. On many occasions, I would witness Mike touch the crowds with his unusual gift. There are many great singers with great talent, but Mike has a unique style of his very own that will move your congregation! I encourage you to utilize his gift in your church.

Michael C. Hagen
Founder & President 
The Strength Team Ministries